Comprehensive Dentistry At Matthew H. Wallengren, D.D.S.

At the office of Matthew H. Wallengren, D.D.S., we offer the best in compassionate comprehensive care. We believe in not only restoring the natural beauty of your smile, but enhancing it! We offer general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry to improve both the function of your smile and its aesthetics!

Preventive Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland


Dr. Wallengren emphatically believes that the small steps you take in your dental hygiene routine now results in the prevention of costly restorative dental procedures in the future. The goal of our office is reducing and preventing cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and root canals. Early detection reduces the risk of tiny dental issues becoming larger, more expensive ones, and leaves you with nothing but excellent oral health!

Has It Been Awhile Since You’ve Been To A Dentist?

If your dental care has taken a back seat to your busy life, or if dental anxiety steers you clear of the dentist chair, not to worry: the dedicated and caring team at Matthew H. Wallengren, D.D.S. can help!

We strive to create a foundation of trust in our office so that patients can walk in–and out–of our doors feeling completely confident in the oral they receive. We take great strides in making our office a soothing, relaxing environment so that they only thing a patient feels during a visit is…comfortable!

What You Can Expect At Matthew H. Wallengren, D.D.S.

A hug when it feels right. A phone call from our office to see you’re doing.

Our team members are patients, too, and know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of care. That’s why we infuse our practice with personal touches–because our dentistry is personal.


Getting The Whole Picture

During your initial visit, we perform a comprehensive exam using our state-of-the art technology: cameras to provide you with a detailed image of your entire mouth. The visual information provided in this advanced images gives both you and your dentist t the knowledge and understanding of not only your current oral health, but the direction your dental health is heading in in the future.

Digital imaging reduce your radiation exposure by as much as 90% when compared to what is emitted during traditional radiographs.

Does Your Smile Need A Makeover?

When it comes to your smile, do you want to brighten, whiten, and straighten? Dr. Wallengren offers a wide array of cosmetic procedures that act as instant transformers, from veneers and porcelain crowns to implants and bonding and recontouring.

Whether your teeth are cracked, worn, chipped, missing, or maybe just discolored, you have options that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Your Family Dentist in Baltimore


We look forward to building meaningful relationships with each of our patients so that you feel assured that all of your questions, concerns, and needs are answered and met. Give our team a call at (410) 435-1234 to schedule your appointment!